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Danyang Golden Eagle soft opened in New Year's Day to create Danyang's "Xinjiekou"

Danyang Golden Eagle Shopping Center was soft opened on first day of January. The store is located in the core business location in Danyang with 53,000 square meters of shopping space, comprises around 280 brands and tens of thousands of high-quality goods. Golden Eagle's self owned boutique supermarket is opened at the same time, covering comprehensive necessities of customers to achieve new "one-stop" shopping experience.

Besides the department store, Danyang Golden Eagle Shopping Center provides comprehensive lifestyle functions like specialties cuisine, children's playground and boutique supermarket to consumers. Through conducting different kinds of promotional sales and public relations activities during the soft opening period, it created lively atmosphere and customer's shopping demand and gathered nearly 180,000 customers for the first 3 days of opening. In additions, with the opening of the Golden Eagle Danyang store, it offers nearly 500 parking spaces in the basement which enhance the shopping experience of customers in the core business district.

Danyang Golden Eagle Shopping Center is closed to the life of the fashion district layout, and the comprehensive lifestyle functions improved the pattern of local consumer's shopping experience. Meanwhile, it integrated the old town and fragmented business structure effectively, built the largest business clusters in Danyang city and set a new benchmark for Danyang urban complex.

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