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Kunming Nanya Store has suspended operation with effect from 31 August 2015 to align with Group's "Lifestyle Center" strategy

Golden Eagle Retail Group Limitedwould like to inform all investors that, its Kunming Nanya Store located at Dianchi Road in Kunming, Yunnan Province has suspended operation with effect from 31 August 2015 to align with the Group's "Lifestyle Center" strategy.

With respect to the suspension of operation, Golden Eagle commented, "Due to the limitation in the operating area and being a leased property, which is inadequate for the Group's development strategies of transformation into a comprehensive lifestyle center and the focus to develop in self-owned properties, upon thorough consideration, the Group has decided to suspend the operation of Nanya Store."

Golden Eagle expressed that, "Despite the suspension of operation of Kunming Nanya Store, Golden Eagle will continue to provide customers in Kunming with outstanding and thoughtful services. Our Kunming Store Block A and Block B offer a variety of luxury goods, fast fashion, supermarket, KTV, theater and fine cuisine in order to provide comprehensive lifestyle amenities for customers. Kunming Store is dedicated to enhancing its merchandise offering and continuously enriching its functions for catering, leisure and entertainment to fully optimize customers' shopping experience and fulfil their needs for one-stop lifestyle services. VIP customers and Golden Eagle's other membership cards holders enjoy the same services in our Kunming Store (Block A: 418 Qingnian Road, Kunming; Block B: 168 Weiyuan Street, Kunming) or any other Golden Eagle chain stores all over the country. In addition, our Kunming Store will continue to provide one-stop aftersales service to customers for products return or exchange to ensure satisfactory shopping experience."

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