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History and Development

History and Development

20 December 2014 Golden Eagle Nantong store grand opening,"Brand new Golden Eagle, gorgeously opened", speed up the goal for strategic transformation from premium fashion department store to Lifestyle Centre.

20 December 2014 The renovation and restructure of Golden Eagle Tiandi store ( total renovation area of the Northern building is 8702㎡), introduced a total of 17 fast fashion brands and casual dining restaurants. Fulfilling the first cooperation between Golden Eagle and international renowned fast fashion brands "UNIQLO"and Korea's fashion brand "Wonderplace".Those stores are opened on 20 December.

3 December 2014 Golden Eagle Retail Group launched a full takeover to Golden Eagle Motor Group, selectively introduce automobile sales, comprehensive services and exhibitions, further enhance the Group's Complete Lifestyle concept, satisfy customers' various needs.

2 December 2014 In order to capture the latest trends of diversified developments in the retailing industry and satisfy the diversified consumption demands, Golden Eagle International Trading Limited launched a full takeover to the Changzhou Ocean World of Golden Ning Group, further enhancing the range of leisure, dining, entertainment, art and cultural services.

21 October 2014 Golden Eagle Retail Group signed joint ventures agreement with Korea's Wonderplace, introducing fashion with lots of surprises and stylist editing store into Golden Eagle's Lifestyle Centre and will develop the brand jointly in China.

10 September 2014 Golden Eagle (HK3308) is selected into the list of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the Mainland residents can trade the stock more conveniently.

6 September 2014 Yancheng Julonghu store grand opening. Lifestyle Centre concept brings out the new shopping experience in Yancheng and speed up the strategic transformation of the premium fashion department store to Lifestyle Centre.

18 July 2014 Kunshan Golden Eagle Tiandi project promotion was held, more than 500 domestic and foreign well-known brand merchants attended and outlined the preliminary profile of the first giant commercial complex project in Kunshan.

10 May 2014 The preferential income tax rate was granted to Xian Gaoxin store for western area development, the Company will enjoy the income tax reduction from 2013 to 2020.According to this preferential policy, the Company is expected to save income tax of approximately RMB150 million.

29 April 2014 Golden Eagle Retail Group signed joint ventures agreement with Beijing Popmart, introducing the brand spirit "creating fun, creating imagination"into Golden Eagle's Lifestyle Centre and developing the sales jointly in China.

26 April 2014 The Group's first Golden Eagle Lifestyle Centre officially unveiled in Nanjing, brought up the brand new business concept.Located in the most commercially valuable area, this centre combines Golden Eagle's self-owned premium shopping centre, hotels, dining, family business, theme business, entertainment and leisure and automotive industry as a diversified commercial complex.

16 April 2014 China's first Teenie Weenie Cafe is opened in Nanjing Xinejiekou Lifestyle Centre flagship store.


26 November 2013 Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited formed exclusive joint ventures with iROO, the most popular fast-high-fashion brand in Taiwan, developing the brand sales in China and Hong Kong together.

22 October 2013 Changzhou Golden Eagle Aquarium situated in Changzhou Jiahong Store, and is the first department store with an aquarium in China. The aquarium is opened in 18 January 2014.

5 September 2013 Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited formed exclusive joint ventures with Mr. Pizza, the number one Pizza brand in South Korea, introducing the brand into the Group's Lifestyle Centre and facilitating the development of business in China.

29 August 2013 Golden Eagle International Retail Group Limited signed a strategic alliance agreement with 南京市民卡有限公司, opened the citizen card swipe applications in each chain store of Golden Eagle in Nanjing, so that the high-end consumer brands can come into the homes of people's lives and in order to bring more benefits to the people of Nanjing.

30 May 2013 Golden Eagle International Retail Group Limited entered into a framework agreement with 滁州國金實業有限公司, the Chuzhou Exchange Square's "Business consultant and entrusted operation management services in the early stage", and 滁州国金实业有限公司is become the Group's first external entrusted management store.

14 May 2013 Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited successfully completed the issuance of USD400 million worth of 10-Year senior notes at an interest rate of 4.625%, the Group became the only China department store operator which have been awarded "investment grade"credit ratings from all of the world's three leading credit rating agencies, and is so far among the Hong Kong listed China department stores which obtains the highest credit rating in the international capital markets.

26 April 2013 Opening of Golden Eagle lifestyle forum, kick off the Lifestyle Concept


On 18 May, Yancheng Outlet Store commenced operation with a gross floor area of 18,377 sqm. Yancheng Outlet Store is developed as a luxury item discount store which recorded strong first day sales of RMB1.07 million. Opening the second store with a different positioning will facilitate the Group to further enhance its presence, market share and competitiveness in Yancheng City in which the Group is already enjoying a leading position.

On 19 May, Changzhou Wujin Store, the second store in Changzhou commenced operation with a gross floor area of 54,500 sq.m., Changzhou Wujin Store comprises elements including shopping, leisure and culture was hugely welcomed by local consumers, with first day sales breaking the Group's opening record of RMB8.15 million.

On 12 January, the Group's Jiangsu Liyang Store, Xuzhou People's Square Store and Kunming Nanya Store commenced operation on the same day. This not only reflects the Group's determination in accelerating our pace of store expansion despite the volatile and uncertain external economic environment, but also demonstrated the Group's superb execution capabilities in opening a number of new stores at the same time.


On 23 December 2011, Jiangsu Suqian Store commenced operation with a GFA of approximately 67,000 sq.m. Located at the central business district of Suqian City and leveraged on its rich merchandise mix and new auxiliary services offer in the local market such as boutique supermarket, Suqian Store has quickly become the preferred shopping destination of mid-to-high-end customers in the local market.

On 30 September 2011, Xi'an Xiaozhai Store commenced operation with a GFA of approximately 19,000 sq.m. The store is located at the developed Xiaozhai business district in Xi'an City. Leveraging on the strong supplier network of the former Xi'an Guomao Store and extensive customer base, it is expected that its ramp-up period will be much shorter.

On 5 June 2011, Changzhou Jiahong store with GFA of approximately 33,000 sq.m commenced soft opening. Located on the opposite side of Kunming store, Kunming store phase 2 occupies GFA of approximately 82,000 sqm. Upon its full operation, the total GFA of Kunming store will be expanded to approximately 116,000 sqm.

On 15 April 2011, the extension of Nanjing Xianlin store commenced operation and has enlarged the store's GFA to approximately 39,000 sq.m. It is the first time to introduce "Outlet Mall"business model in Nanjing.

On 15 January 2011, Hefei Store, the Group's flagship store in Anhui Province, commenced soft opening. Hefei store is located at the central business district of Hefei City, occupying a GFA of approximately 59,000 sq.m.


On 20 November 2010, the third store of Anhui Province-Huaibei Store was soft opening, with a gross floor area of 29,133 sq. m. Huaibei Store is a department store with the largest floor area, highest range of brands and most comprehensive retail formats available in the local market.

On 27 July 2010, the Group has successfully acquired by public tender 100% equity interests in Anhui Ruijing Commercial Company Limited ("Anhui Ruijing") at a consideration of RMB267 million. Anhui Ruijing operates two mid-to-high end department stores in Hefei City, Anhui Province, namely Ruijing Shopping Center (瑞景名品中心) and Ruijing International Shopping Plaza (瑞景國際購物廣場), with a gross floor area of approximately 10,356 square metres and 12,294 square metres respectively.


Nanjing Xianlin Store, which is the Group's fourth self-owned store in Nanjing, commenced soft opening on 18 December 2009.

The additional area of Taizhou Store commenced operation in October 2009. The gross floor area of Taizhou Store was enlarged to approximately 58,000 square meters, which will facilitate the expansion and enrichment of its product categories and brand mix and help to increase and strengthen its market share.

Nanjing Hanzhong Store commenced operation in July 2009 and positioned itself as a retail outlet, which is different from that of Nanjing Xinjiekou Store and Nanjing Zhujiang Store.

Shanghai Store commenced soft opening in May 2009. The shopping environment of the store was effectively improved by its brand new exterior facade and interior design. In addition, the introduction of GUCCI's flagship store in the PRC and other leading international brands enhanced the growth prospects of the Shanghai Store.


The second store in Yangzhou, also known as the Yangzhou Jinghua Store, commenced business in April 2009. The store is located at a new shopping district of Yangzhou. It has successfully created synergies with Yangzhou Wenchang store. The growing sales of the two stores further strengthened the Group's market share in Yangzhou city. Moreover, Yangzhou Jinghua Store is also the Group's first attempt to implement multi-store strategy in third-tier cities. The current performance proves that this strategy is efficacious and practicable.

During the year under review, the Management service agreement of Nanjing Orient Department Store has been renewed for another 3 years, commencing from 1 January 2010 until 31 December 2012, as agreed between the patties.

In December 2008, Yancheng Store soft opened, the new store achieved gross sales proceeds of around RMB4.2 million on the first day, which was a record high in daily gross sales proceeds during soft opening among its department stores.

In November 2008,the Company entered into a management service agreement with Nanjing Orient Department Store Co. Ltd for a term commencing from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009.

August 28th 2008. Huai'an store soft opened, this will further consolidate the Group's leading position in Jiangsu Province.

In May 2008, Shanghai store was temporarily closed for renovation and plan to re-opened in the second quarter of 2009.

In March 2008, entered into a management consultancy agreement with Shanghai Golden Eagle International Shopping Centre Co., Ltd. for a term of 3 years commencing from14 March 2008.


On 28 December 2007, Zhujiang Store was soft opened. It is the second chain store in Nanjing. The opening of Zhujiang store expanded the Group's market share in the market of Nanjing and consolidated the leading role of the Group in the department store industry in Jiangsu province.

On 1 August 2007, Kunming Store was soft opened. This store is the Group's first chain store in the southwest region. It enjoys favourable geographical conditions and is successfully positioned as a high-end department store.


December 18th, 2006. Taizhou store opened. The turnover of first day exceeded 900,000 RMB. Group provide full of trust to Taizhou store.

November 18th, 2006. Golden Eagle Retail Group took over Kun-ming Huguo real estate Co. This was the first step of Southwest China strategy.

November 8th, 2006. Golden Eagle Retail Group signed cooperate agreement with Lian-yungang Huijin real estate Ltd, developing the old city rebuild project in Yancheng city 2nd bridge area together. This is another key step for the group's chain development in North Jiangsu Province.

October, 2006. Nanjing Store awarded the top-level title by China Ministry of Commerce. This award indicated that Nanjing store's leading space of environment, service level and other area was approved by authority department.

September 27th , 2006. Golden Eagle Retail Group floated HK$ 1,000 million convertible bond, additionally promote the group financing strength.

June 15th , 2006. Golden Eagle Group formally signed cooperate agreement with Huian Huali Shuguang real estate Ltd, joined in the No.1 city of Huaiai project.

April 18th , 2006. Golden Eagle started Xi'an Gaoxin Store business gorgeously. This was a pivotal step to expand outside provide for the group.

April 13th , 2006. Shanghai Golden Eagle Real Estate Ltd established. The group started the practical operation and management of self-supported brand.

March 21st , 2006. Golden Eagle Retail Group listed on main board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. The success established stable financing base for the chain development of Retail Group.


On 12 May 2005, Xi an Guo Tai Investment, Xi'an Blue Sky Real Estate, Mr. Shi Yong and Nanjing Xinjiekou Store entered into an agreement of transfer of equity interest in Xi'an Golden Eagle. On 2 June 2005, Xi'an Golden Eagle completed the business registration of such change of equity interest and obtained the relevant business license. Following the transfer of equity interest, Nanjing Xinjiekou Store and Mr. Shi Yong hold 75% and 25% equity interest in Xi'an Golden Eagle respectively.

On 12 May 2005, Xi an Guo Tai Investment, Xi'an Min Sheng, Xi'an Golden Eagle and Nanjing Xinjiekou Store entered into an agreement of transfer of equity interest in Xi'an Store. On 30 June 2005, Xi'an Store completed the business registration of such change of equity interest and obtained the relevant business license. Following the transfer of equity interest, Nanjing Xinjiekou Store and Xi'an Golden Eagle hold 10% and 90% equity interest in Xi'an Store respectively while the Group has a 77.5% attributable interest in Xi'an Store. Xi'an Store has been operated by the Group after the completion of business registration since July 2005. Since then, Xi'an Golden Eagle and Xi'an Store have been integrating themselves to the Group's system, including but not limited to the use of "" service logo. Further, the successful acquisition increased the Gross Floor Area of the Group's department stores to over 159,000 sq.m.


The Group began its expansion plan outside of Jiangsu province in late 2004. In December 2004, the Group invested RMB5 million in Xi an Golden Eagle as its contribution to Xi'an Golden Eagle's registered capital and as part of an expansion plan to expand the Group's network outside of the Jiangsu province. As a result of such investment, the Group had a 16.7% equity interest in Xi'an Golden Eagle.

In August 2004, the Group launched its chain-wide VIP member bonus points program, by which VIP members can enjoy discounts, bonus points savings and reward redemptions at any of the Group's department stores.

In March 2004, the Group fully launched its self-developed ERP system. The management of the Group has been managing the Group's VIP members' information, POS, managerial accounting and human resources allocation through the ERP system.

In February 2004, the Group launched its customer service hotline ( "800 Customer Service Hotline"to handle complaints and/or provide sales-related services to customers, thereby enhancing the efficiency and image of the services provided by the Group s department stores.


In November 2003, the Group launched the "Golden Eagle alliance"a VIP value-added exclusive service program to provide VIP members with preferential discounts at allied establishments such as food and beverage stores, entertainment centres, bookstores, beauty saloons, hairdressers, cinemas, tourist attractions and hotels.

In December 2003, the Group opened Xuzhou Store on the Group's own property, increasing the Gross Floor Area of the Group's department stores to about 146,030 sq.m. Among all of the Group's department stores, Xuzhou Store has the largest Gross Floor Area of about 51,000 sq.m.


In December 2002, the Group expanded its retail business to Suzhou and established Suzhou Store by leasing such property while expanding the Gross Floor Area of the Group to nearly 95,000 sq.m.

Since August 2002, the ""service logo was recognized as a "Famous Trademark of Jiangsu province"by the Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce.


In October 2001, Nanjing Xinjiekou Store was accredited with the certification of the Quality Management System (GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000) recognized by the International Standards Organization applicable to the development of retail merchandising and service.

in October 2001, the substantial part of Yangzhou Store was opened on the Group's own property, increasing the Gross Floor Area of the Group's department stores to nearly 80,000 sq.m.

before 2000

In December 2000, the Group launched its website ( as a platform designed to improve connection with customers and brand marketing. As at 31 December 2005, the number of registered users of the Group s website exceeded 23,900.

In December 1995, a soft opening of Nanjing Xinjiekou Store took place with Gross Floor Area of over 33,000 sq.m., under the""service logo in Nanjing's Xinjiekou commercial district. Nanjing Xinjiekou Store was officially opened in April 1996.

The Group began a VIP members program in June 1996.
Leveraging on the experience in operating Nanjing Xinjiekou Store, the Group commenced business in Nantong in September 2000 by entering into a management arrangement for the operation of Nantong Store. In July 2002, the Group acquired the property where Nantong Store situates, thereby increasing the Group's Gross Floor Area to over 42,000 sq.m.





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